Through seeing I witness.  Through painting I engage. 

The nature of duality is the conceptual medium that motivates my process and my intention.  It is the action that allows me to separate the relationship between our created selves and our intrinsic self.  Art allows me to subjugate the objective as a means to deconstruct our cultural influences.

Painting provides me with a working dialogue between the positive and negative between something and nothing between action and reaction, and between the fixed and the fluid.  I navigate through these experiential paradigms where concept, percept, motive and will are not separate; they are the webs that hold me to the sequence of events in my life.  I catalog these events in my memory and make them into art. 

When I feel powerless I create powerful work. I become satisfied. It delivers something new each time. A new method will arise. 

If I tempt you, suspend you, make you question, make you realize something about yourself, make you witness the abstraction of time, then I have succeeded.  

Everything else is just the remains.

Kara Taylor


In 1997 I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts from Maine College of Art.  I majored in ceramic sculpture with a concentration in intaglio printmaking. After college I was without the facilities to continue my training in either discipline so I started to paint.  I went to live in Maui for a year where I had my first Juried solo exhibition of paintings, another followed back east that next year. Since I have participated in various groups show through-out New England and 1 Juried International Exhibition.   
The years following took me to India, a place that has long influenced my philosophy on art and life, an inter dependent relationship.
In the year 2000 I returned to Martha's Vineyard and opened a gallery at Nip n' Tuck Farm, in my agricultural home town of West Tisbury.  The creation of Haystack Gallery was an immediate success. Its purpose was to allow me to feature exclusively my own work. I occupied this space for 5 years and have since moved to a bigger space on Main st. in Vineyard Haven, changing the galleries name to Kara Taylor Fine Art.  

My native place of Martha's Vineyard continues to be the source for home, gallery, family, and inspiration.